Bring your kids to work....aka the true ‘new’ school.

Posted by Jennifer Tell on

Yes, it’s certainly true. We are living in a whole new time- I’m learning to do things in a new way and with some cute, snack demanding crew members that I wasn’t expecting to come on board.

We are all experiencing different areas of change depending on where we are in life and what responsibilities we have. I quickly learned that my e-commerce website was my superpower during a pandemic, and that my kids were unwillingly going to come along for a crazy ride with Mom down a whole new path.

Adaptation is the name of the game. How well can you adapt to change? Do you lie down and let the earth swallow you whole, or do you stand tall and look into the future? I have always felt the greatest life lessons come from moments like these. Yes, our kids learn a lot of things in school but they certainly can learn a heckuva lot outside those walls. I am taking this time with them as a gift it is and to teach them all the things I want them to value and learn.

Always do your best.

Don’t give up when things get tough.

Everything is temporary.

And, you have to work hard at things you want to make work.

Life will not always be easy. Many things will come our way that we were not expecting. We will not handle all moments with grace and ease but the important part is that we come back with grace and ease.

Thank you to my children who have been patient with me and thank you to all my wonderful, fabulous, amazing customers who have been such an amazing support system since the beginning. Xo

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