Monday Musings: Enjoy the Ride

Posted by Jennifer Tell on

Enjoy the Ride. You’ve seen the bumper stickers, read the t-shirts, and drank from the coffee mug all proclaiming this popular mantra. But do you? Are you truly enjoying the ride?

I LOVE the car ride. The literal sense of getting in my car and journeying on to wherever I’m headed whether it be to work, run an errand, or a much needed girls night out. Driving in the car can be so much fun, if you make it. 


Forget your phone and talking to people. Put on your favorite tunes and sing your little heart out.

There is nothing better than music to bring out the happy. It’s nearly impossible to arrive anywhere in a bad mood when you’ve just belted out ‘Upside Down’ (with Diana Ross as your back-up singer) at the top of your lungs cruising around the beautiful Hudson Valley. There is so much beauty to see if you slow down and soak in all there is to see.

The car ride is also one of my favorite places to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

Think about it...At home you pour a cup of coffee, take a sip, and then your bouncing around the house doing a million little things and by the time you make it back around to your coffee cup...your coffee's cold. Boo! But in the car...just you and your cuppa hot joe!


I also welcome the daily commute as it gives me time to reflect on my day, my life, myself, and my thoughts...

A time to work some things out in my head. By the time I arrive home, I’ve had the time to decompress and I have given myself the time & space for uninterrupted thoughts...something we all need more of but don’t get enough of.

And a big bonus is that with all these happy things going on it’s hard to have road rage.

A happy driving disposition leads to calmer, more mindful driving. We all need to slow down.

...Like really, really slow it down. Driving like a crazed maniac gets you there like 20 seconds faster. It’s just not worth it.

We spend a lot of our lives driving around in cars so make sure you are enjoying the journey and not dreading it. It’s important to not dread’s a sure path to unhappiness.

Hang a disco ball in your back seat...if that’s what you need to get you in the mood. Sure, you can merge in front on me...but you better be singing!







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  • Hey! I took your advise,not in my car necessarily but I took it down a notch- made time to sit and read a few non work related emails.
    Love it, Jen!
    Keep ’em coming and good luck!!

    Maryanne! on
  • Beautiful written and so true!!! 💖

    Erin on

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