Monday Musings: Losing Control

Posted by Jennifer Tell on

The weather this summer.

It has been wet, rainy, gray, and cloudy when all we really want is the warm sun shining down upon us. Almost every Saturday has been a washout and the forecast changes by the minute. You're siked because the weather on Friday shows sunshine with little chance of rain, so you plan your beach day...only to wake on Friday morning to gray with a side of drizzle. 

But, it is what it is.

If ever that expression had a life moment to connect itself to it would be the weather. The almighty atmosphere is something that we cannot control and we are left to make the most of whatever weather the day brings. It might not be what we wanted or expected but it is here and now.

We have become such creatures of control (move over, habits) and are too spoiled with the many abilities to control so much of our lives. Many things will go our way, but also many things won’t. The ability to roll with life’s little disappointments sets you up for being able to handle the harder, bigger stuff with better coping skills. 

The more we grasp for control the more we set ourselves up for disappointment when faced with situations beyond our control.


As I sit here now, Sierra is crawling around my bedroom floor, moaning about sleeping in her own bed and whining.

I want to control her.

I want her in her bed sleeping soundly so I can have some time to myself.

I am beyond raising my voice, threatening, reasoning or walking her back to her room again because all of that takes an energy I just don’t have right now. I have been practicing on remaining neutral and unaffected by the pending storm that is my overtired 8-year-old right now. 

These clouds will pass, she will tire, and I will shortly find quiet peace. I have learned the best reaction is no reaction.
All life’s moments, whether they be rainy days, challenging children, a bad morning, or the best morning...all of these moments are temporary. 

Things work out the best for those who make the best of how things work out. Remember that always.


The sun will shine again.
It may rain your parade...but it’s all good.
Because you are here to experience it all...always be grateful for that.


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  • Thank you Jen for this reminder. Your words of wisdom are always right on target. You are doing a fabulous job with your children instilling values and giving them so much love. When they are grown and raising families of their own, they will remember everything you taught them and use it to guide them in life…..
    Love you Jen❤

    Pattie on
  • Jen,
    Thank you for sharing your heart and your wonderful way of always speaking positive. I love your word of wisdom…“Things work out the Best for those who make the Best of how things work out”! That should be posted at the register at Sierra Lily! It is a keeper for sure! I now have it on my desk to remind me everyday how very thankful I am that God put you in my life and heart forever. I cherish your friendship and words of wisdom. Love you so much and miss you…Mary :-) xoxo

    mary A seney on
  • Thank you- needed this!

    Lucille on
  • Ahhh, what a nice reminder of things that are so truly important that you take for granted daily.

    Sandy on
  • So true ! Thank you for the gentle reminder ~

    Cynthia S on

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