T. Jazelle Men's Noble Stone Bracelet Collection - Classic Grey Hawk Eye Men's Beaded Bracelet

$ 45.00

  • Product Description:

    Power | Strength | Energy | Wisdom

    Noble Men's Bracelets by TJ uses only the finest quality materials to create an everyday, comfortable bracelet designs for men.  Rugged, yet refined, TJ Noble men's bracelets are the perfect addition to any man's jewelry collection. 

    -Grey Hawk Eye stones are natural therefore Grey Hawk Eye men's bracelet color may slightly vary from Grey Hawk Eye men's bracelet to Grey Hawk Eye men's bracelet. Each and every Grey Hawk Eye men's bracelet is truly unique.

    -Handcrafted men's bracelets with 10mm Grey Hawk Eye Stones 

    -Handmade men's bracelets in the USA

    -We stand by our men's bracelet quality, as with all of our bracelet designs.  Men's Noble Bracelets do come with a lifetime guarantee.  If any damage occurs to the bracelet we'd be happy to repair the bracelet. 

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