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Dot & Lil Lavender and Bergamot Perfume Oil

$ 35.00

  • Product Description:

    Lavender & Bergamot is an herbal and relaxing blend. A garden scent that is complex and bright, with citrus and tea notes from the bergamot and floral heart notes from the classic lavender.

    Dot & Lil perfumes spray on as a light oil, are absorbed very quickly and leave your skin silky smooth with long-lasting scent. They are meant for use as a body perfume, sprayed on your pulse points, but can also be used in an oil diffuser as a home fragrance. Perfume comes packaged in a frosted glass bottle and pretty gift box.

    Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, fragrance (house blend of essential oils).

    35 ml/1.2 oz

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