How it all came to be...

A Letter from Jennifer

I grew up in the family business vowing to never want any part of it.  I spent my childhood at the old Dutchess Mall in Fishkill unpacking boxes, merchandising displays, helping customers, and sometimes even making product (remember those tissue ghosts?!)  Most kids were home watching tv and eating cookies and here I was meeting with sales reps and NOT baking Christmas cookies. Talk about one cranky kid!

Little did I know, the universe had a plan for me

There was a reason I couldn't land that teaching job I had a degree for. The world needed to hang onto a 'mom and pop' specialty shop in a time where many others were closing. All those years I was perfecting my skills for what I have created today.

In 2011, when I was 6 months pregnant with my second daughter (Skylar Rose- whom we didn't know was a girl) we decided that the name of our store, Country Gallery, needed a name change.  We were neither country nor a gallery and the name didn't reflect the type of store we had become. A gift boutique full of unique, beautiful gifts that are a treasue to find.

After I had my first child, Sierra Lily, many customers were coming in inquiring what I had.  When I told them a girl named Sierra Lily so many said, 'My, what a beautiful name'.  And like that, a beautiful name with meaning was born.  We finally had the perfect name for our store.

I believe in gifts that are unique, beautiful, and different. I believe in supporting companies that create lovely, quality products that make our world a better place to live and work. I aim to carry as many local and 'Made in the USA' products as possible. I am also proud to carry Fair Trade goods as well, because they give people fair working conditions, wages, and opportunities for a better life.

I believe that giving back to our local communities is so very important. We are proud to raise awareness and support many local charities through events, sales, and donations. We are able to do this with your support of shopping small and local, thank you!

I believe that shopping should be fun and that gifts should be fun too! (No bucket of cleaning supplies for Moms birthday!)  Let us provide you with an amazing selection of unique product, a memorable shopping experience, exceptional customer service and complimentary gift wrapping.  Good vibes and smiles always!

I believe that one should always be grateful and appreciative for everything they have, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being our customer and for choosing Sierra Lily.