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Rosy Rings Oval Wax Sachet - Wild Plum & Cannabis

$ 25.00

  • Product Description:

    Wild, ripe plums and fresh green fig leaves are layered with an opulent accord of oud wood, spices and exotic cannabis blossoms.

    Fragrance Notes: Fig Leaf, Wild Plum, Violet, Raspberry Nectar, Oud, Saffron

    Fragrance Classification: Spicy Exotic

    Ingredients: Ivy, larkspur, rose petals, paraffin wax, fragrance

    Details: Freshen your space or impart a delightful fragrance onto delicate underthings. Pretty enough to display, our graceful sachets can be hung in closets and placed in drawers. Each sachet is tied with a suede cord and enclosed in a charmingly packaged box. Set of two.

    Box Dimensions: 5_w x 1_d x 5_h

    Care: To avoid direct contact with fabric, wrap a sachet in tissues first. Better yet, place it inside a pretty vintage hankie or partnerless sock. Please do not ingest and keep away from children.