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Rosy Rings Petite Collection Botanical Reed Diffuser - Boheme

$ 29.99

  • Product Description:

    Dreamy, free spirited Boh?me opens like a sunlit afternoon and unfolds into an eclectic heart of wild rose, pink amber, oud wood and incense.

    Fragrance Notes: Pink Amber, Olibanum Resin, Bohemian Rose, Incense, Black Nutmeg, Woody Vetiver, Sweet Patchouli, Floral Musk, Sandalwood

    Fragrance Classification: Spicy Exotic

    Ingredients: Pansies, rose petals, fragrance

    Details: Each charming glass bottle is generously filled with delicate botanicals and is finished with a hand-tied ribbon. The packaging features dreamy, original illustrations.

    2.9 fluid oz. Fragrance lasts 3-6 months.

    Box Dimensions: 3_w x 3_d x 6_h

    Instructions: Position the bottle on a level surface and insert the reeds into the fragrance oil. Flip the reeds so the saturated ends are exposed and place the dry ends of the reeds into the bottle. Allow 24 hours for the fragrance to fully absorb into the reeds. At any time, you may freshen and increase the scent by flipping the reeds.

    Care: This product is flammable. Diffuser oil should not be ingested. Please use care as the oils can stain wooden surfaces, fabrics, etc. Diffusers should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.