T. Jazelle Gold Collection - Garnet Stone Bracelet with Family Tree Gold Charm

$ 60.00

  • Product Description:

    Garnet Handmade Beaded Bracelet -The stone of encouragement and joy.

    Family Tree Gold Charm- This Family Tree is a symbol of family, strength, unity and love. Family is like branches on a tree, we each grow in all different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Wear this charm as a reminder that no matter what direction life may take us, family is always there.

    -8mm Garnet stones

    -Garnet stones are natural therefore Garnet charm bracelet color may slightly vary from Garnet charm bracelet to Garnet charm bracelet. Each and every Garnet charm bracelet is truly unique. 

    -14K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Charm

    -Handmade in the USA Charm Bracelet