Font & Formatting Examples

title Example

headline Example

description Example

smallcaps Example

pageheadline Example

title2 Example

headline2 Example

fancy Example

producttitle Example

container2 Example

description2 Example

border Example

border2 Example

border3 Example

fancytext Example

p2 Example - line height is 1.6x times the size of regular text

p4 Example - letters are spaced apart slightly more. This is used for "Brand Collection Descriptions"

p6 Example - Slightly bolder text. This is used for "product prices on product page"

h1 Example - this is used for "Page Titles" & "Blog News Heading"

h5 Example - this is used for the footer

h2 Example - this is used collection widgets

h3 Example - this is used for blog titles and "leave a comment font"

h4 Example - this is used for blog "Recent Articles" & "Categories" font

Blog text Example

h7 Example - This is used for product headings

readmore Example