T. Jazelle Gold Collection - Mauve Jade Stone Bracelet with What is Meant to Be Gold Charm

$ 60.00

  • Product Description:

    Mauve Jade Handmade Beaded Bracelet - Known as the stone of friendship and creativity.

    What is Meant to Be Gold Charm- Sometimes, in life difficult obstacles happen to bring us to our greatest gains. A journey you thought was meant to be may fall through yet leads you to something even greater. Feeling heartache then leads you to what your heart truly needs. Through all of this what is meant to be will be & unfold into something greater than you even expected.

    -8mm Mauve Jade stones

    -Mauve Jade stones are natural therefore Mauve Jade charm bracelet color may slightly vary from Mauve Jade charm bracelet to Mauve Jade charm bracelet. Each and every Mauve Jade charm bracelet is truly unique. 

    -14K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Charm

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